Enhance Your Smile with Dental Implants in Park Ridge, IL

Living with missing teeth can be overwhelming. Create a new smile, and enjoy your favorite foods again when you visit our dentist office for dental implants in Park Ridge, IL. At our dental office, our team performs a number of services for patients throughout the region. With our dental implant options, you can finally live your life again without pain and discomfort associated with missing teeth.

Create a Bright Smile with Tooth Implants

Missing teeth can cost you more than just your smile because it can impact the way you chew and speak. Many people who are missing teeth turn to Park Ridge Dental Boutique when they need cosmetic dentistry in Park Ridge, IL.

Whether you have lost your teeth due to an infection, accident, or illness, our dentists have the right solution for you. Our tooth replacements offer patients a way to smile brightly again. Dr. Sheffer works with trusted surgeons to help you create beautiful teeth that you are proud to show off.

Dental implants serve as a way to permanently replace missing teeth. Implants are anchors made from the strongest titanium materials available, which are implanted into the bone and then topped with a cap or denture to create a natural appearance. These implants are stronger than natural roots are, and they do not require a root canal or filling. Tooth implants help maintain the health and shape of the bone in the jaw area, and neighboring teeth do not need to be filed down to make room for them.

Using Tooth Replacements

We all went through tooth loss as children. However, it is scary to go through this process as an adult. Losing your permanent teeth can be stressful, no matter what your age. The resulting feeling can cost you your comfort and confidence.

Take back your smile when you choose dental implants from a trusted dentist in Park Ridge, IL. While this process has been an option for numerous years, the modern advancements have made it a popular and effective choice for anyone. You will enjoy functional and natural-looking dental implants. Our dental implants are made with the finest materials in the industry, giving you the smile you want without risk of illness or infection.

How do tooth implants work? During this procedure, we replace the tooth with an artificial crown and root. Once the implants are completed, you will be able to speak, smile, and eat like you did before losing your teeth.

Contact us in Park Ridge, Illinois, to schedule a consultation for cosmetic services. We offer options for patients throughout the area.