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Aesthetic Procedures

Tooth colored composite restorations
Restoration of decay or replacement of old, worn silver amalgams with natural looking material that is bonded to the teeth.

Porcelain Laminate Veneers
Renew your worn, chipped, aging teeth, or bring overly small teeth to a more pleasing and aesthetic proportion for a more beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Crowns, Implants, or Bridges
Choose from an array of aesthetic options to make broken or missing teeth look natural again.

Straighten your teeth with an exciting new system that is invisible, removable, and doesn't use bands, brackets, or wires.

Choose from a variety of procedures customized to suit your lifestyle.

Lip Rejuvenation
Complete your beautiful smile by plumping your lips and/or smoothing the fine lines around your mouth with injectable fillers.

Soften your facial expression lines to compliment your smile.

Very Latest Technology

In our state of the art offices Dr. Sheffer and her staff use the latest diagnostic technology, selected by Dr. Sheffer to meet her high standards through extensive research and experience.

A new oral cancer screening device to detect early, more treatable disease. It's quick, painless, and it may save your life.

We will scan your teeth with a harmless laser light to find hidden decay in its early stages, helping you achieve the goal of minimally invasive dentistry.

Digital Radiography
Less radiation is used , and the images are immediately available for you and Dr. Sheffer to review together.

Digital Intraoral Camera
See magnified images of your teeth so that you may make an informed decision about your dental treatment.

Integrated Water System
We offer the highest standard of water by using a dental water purifier in a system that assures that a bacterial layer called BIOFILM will not develop in our internal tubing.

Cavitron Ultrasonic Cleaning
Have your teeth cleaned with the state of the art instrument that is extremely successful in removing calculus (tartar) from both above and below the gumline using oscillating sound waves. It is a safe, effective, and more pleasant alternative to traditional cleaning methods.
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